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Salt and pepper as a timeless guest gift for your wedding reception

Salt and pepper as a timeless guest gift for your wedding reception

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This pair is available for every 1x in the shopping cart (i.e. 2 ship glasses)
Discover the exclusivity in every detail with our unique guest gift - the ship's glass, filled with exquisite spices and lovingly personalized for the wedding guests:

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1. **Variety of Senses:** Enjoy a careful selection of high-quality spices including pepper, gourmet food salt, gourmet herb salt, gourmet pepper, gold-plated salt, gold-plated pepper or gourmet Himalayan salt. Each spice gives your dishes a unique flavor.

2. **Aesthetic Presentation:** The test tube is not just a container, but an artistic presentation. Decorated with an elegant satin ribbon, it will be an eye-catcher on your festive table.

3. **Personal Touch:** Customize your guest gift with a sticker engraved with the bride and groom's names and special date. This gives the gift a personal and emotional touch.

4. **Culinary Experience:** Make cooking a labor of love by adding a special touch to your dishes with these exquisite spices. Every time your guests use the spices, they will be reminded of the love and joy of your celebration.

5. **Timeless Memories:** Our personalized party favors not only create a culinary experience but also timeless memories. Your guests will feel the love and appreciation contained in this gift long after your special day.

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