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Give sweet memories: Exclusive guest gifts for unforgettable moments!

Give sweet memories: Exclusive guest gifts for unforgettable moments!

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Discover our exclusive guest gift that combines love and sweetness! Our small jars are filled with delicious whole milk chocolate beans in the harmonious colors of blue, white and turquoise. The ideal present for Holy Communion, baptism or birthday to make the special day unforgettable.

Please let us know the following in your shopping cart: name/date and occasion!

Why our guest gifts are unique:

1. **Delicate chocolate buttons in heavenly colors:** The delicious whole milk chocolate buttons put a smile on every lip and offer a sweet treat.

2. **Elegant design:** The 43 mm diameter crucibles with a height of 38 mm are closed with a high-quality aluminum lid. The lid is not only practical, but also an eye-catcher.

3. **Personalization:** Make the guest gift something special. The printed lid can be personalized with the name and date. Graphics such as a rainbow, a ship with a church cross and cute fish in pastel colors.

4. **Versatile:** Not only suitable for Holy Communion, but also for baptisms or birthdays. Our guest gift is perfect for a variety of festive occasions.

5. **Loving Memory:** Each jar is not only a sweet treat, but also a lasting reminder of a meaningful day. Guests will remember this lovingly designed gift for a long time.

Add a sweet touch to your special occasion and give away our unique party favors - little jars full of love and enjoyment!

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