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Guest gift gold shine: Personalized jars as elegant place cards for lasting memories!

Guest gift gold shine: Personalized jars as elegant place cards for lasting memories!

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Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and taste experiences with our exquisite guest gift in the form of a stylish jar. Perfect for weddings and special occasions, this little masterpiece contains a variety of exquisite contents such as various teas, luxurious bath salts or gold-plated salt and pepper blends.

**Why our guest gift is unforgettable:**

- **Diverse content for the palate and senses:** From exquisite teas to relaxing bath salts to luxurious, gold-plated salt and pepper - this guest gift offers a selection to suit every taste.

- **Personal Touch with Party Favors:** The jar comes with a personalized place card lid personalized with the bride and groom's names and special date. An individual guest gift that creates memories.

- **Functional and decorative:** Use the guest gift as a place card that welcomes each guest personally and at the same time stylishly decorates it. The personalized lid serves as a unique detail.

- **Closed with love:** The jar is closed with an aluminum lid. A gift that not only pleases the palate but also the eye.

- **Individual party favors for each guest:** Each jar (dimensions: 43mm x 38mm) can be personalized with the guest's name, creating not only an original party favor but also a unique seating card.

Give your celebration an exclusive touch with our lovingly designed guest gifts - pots full of surprises and personal details. Guest gifts that not only brighten up the day, but are also memorable.

**"Guest Gift Deluxe: Personal jars for unforgettable moments!"**Let us know the following.

Date and name:
(Selection of bath salts: lemon balm, lavender or mint, exotic herbal tea, black tea, sea buckthorn cream, green tea, mountain tea, gold-plated pepper/salt, flower seeds

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