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Delicate memories: exquisite party favors with attention to detail

Delicate memories: exquisite party favors with attention to detail

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Discover our exclusive guest gifts - lovingly designed ship glasses with real corks, filled with a selection of exquisite gourmet products. These special gifts are the perfect way to leave your guests a lasting impression. Here are the unique features in detail:

1. **Various filling options:**

- Himalayan salt: For a pinch of exoticism and fine flavor nuances.

   - Herbs: An aromatic blend that enchants the palate.

   - Gold-plated table salt: A touch of luxury for culinary enjoyment.

   - Gilded pepper: Finely ground and with golden accents – a real culinary delight.

2. **Personalized Tags for a Customized Touch:**

   - "Happiness is the icing on the cake": Add your name for a personal connection.

   - "Love gives pepper in life": Personalized with your date for a lasting memory.

3. **Recommended double purchase:**

   - So that your guests can enjoy the full taste experience, we recommend purchasing two party favors - one for salt and one for pepper.

4. **Stylish Decoration:**

   - Each jar is decorated with a charming natural raffia ribbon that adds an elegant aesthetic.

These party favors are more than just a gesture of appreciation - they are an expression of taste and sophistication. Surprise your guests with a unique gift that will stimulate their senses and make your celebration unforgettable.

Product description: Ship jars 76mm x 23mm filled with various contents from 7g (pepper) to 20g (salts)

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