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Golden binding: Exclusive guest gifts for a wedding full of love and taste

Golden binding: Exclusive guest gifts for a wedding full of love and taste

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Immerse yourself in the world of wedding magic with our exclusive guest gifts - gold-plated salt and pepper test tubes that not only delight the taste buds, but also represent a symbolic bond between bride and groom. Here are the special details that make these gifts a unique experience:

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1. **Precious ingredients:** Each test tube is packed with 20g of gold-plated salt and 8g of gold-plated pepper - a luxurious and tasteful gesture to give guests a culinary memory.

2. **Elegant Packaging:** The test tubes are artfully tied together with a shiny gold satin ribbon, which not only makes for an attractive presentation but also adds the touch of sophistication to any table.

3. **Personal Touch:** Each guest gift comes with an individually designed card that says 'We belong together like salt and pepper'. The names of the happy couple and the wedding date can be entered here to create a lasting memory.

4. **Dimensions and Quality:** The test tubes measure 160mm x 16mm, which not only ensures an elegant look but also ensures that the generous amount of gold plated salt and pepper is presented in style.

These party favors not only embody luxury and taste, but also the love that the bride and groom share with each other. Surprise your guests with this tasteful and symbolic gift that magically underlines the uniqueness of your connection."

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