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Favors for Holy Communion, Baptism and Confirmation - Favors that create memories!

Favors for Holy Communion, Baptism and Confirmation - Favors that create memories!

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Welcome to the world of sweet surprises! Our party favors, in the form of small jars, are perfect for special occasions such as holy communion, baptism, confirmation or birthday. For the little ladies we present delicate whole milk chocolate buttons in pink, purple and white, while the little men can look forward to the refreshing colors of blue, white and turquoise.

Please let us know the following in your shopping cart: name/date, chocolate buttons for girl or boy and occasion!

Discover why our party favors are unique:

1. **Party favors for every taste:** The delicate whole milk chocolate buttons offer a sweet treat in matching colors for girls and boys. Guest gifts that make the day even more beautiful.

2. **Stylish and compact:** Our small 43mm diameter and 38mm height jars are closed with a high quality aluminum lid. A stylish guest gift that is impressive.

3. **Party favors with a personal touch:** The printed lid can be flexibly personalized. Whether Holy Communion, baptism, confirmation or birthday – “My Holy Communion” adapts to your individual needs. Guest gifts with a personal touch.

4. **Delicate graphics in pastel colors:** The personalization with name and date is refined by a lovingly designed graphic. A cross with curved dots accompanied by a small water, fish and a dove - all in gold, blue, pink. Party favors with a touch of elegance.

5. **Party Favors for Lasting Memories:** Add a sweet touch to any occasion. Our guest gifts are not just treats, but little treasures that will be remembered.

Give the gift of joy and sweetness at the same time - party favors that will sweeten the day and make it unforgettable!

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