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Eucalyptus: Unique guest gift for any occasion such as church or birthday

Eucalyptus: Unique guest gift for any occasion such as church or birthday

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Your guests can expect a wonderful combination of elegance and meaning in a lovingly designed guest gift. The test tube, a generous 160 mm by 16 mm, is not only exclusive, but also decorated with great care and attention to detail:

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- **High-quality test tube:** The 160 mm by 16 mm test tube gives the gift an attractive shape.

- **Exclusive corks:** The test tube cap is equipped with an exclusive cork that completes the overall picture.

- **Wide satin ribbon:** The test tube is wrapped with a wide satin ribbon, which not only adds visual elegance but also securely holds the gift together.

- **Generously shaped pendant:** An individually shaped pendant adorns the band and bears the meaningful inscription: "Please scatter in my name these small flower seeds, which, when they bear blossoms, countless pieces, remember my ++occasion++ back"

- **Versatile occasion:** This guest gift can be used in many ways. Thanks to a special print with eucalyptus flowers, it can be given as a gift on occasions such as baptisms, communions, confirmations, birthdays, weddings and much more.

- **Personalization with name and date:** In order to create a lasting memory, the guest gift is personalized with the name of the giver and the date of the occasion.

This carefully crafted gift will not only appeal to the senses but also carry symbolic meaning that makes the occasion special.

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