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Flowering seeds in a ship's jar: Personalized guest gift for unforgettable moments

Flowering seeds in a ship's jar: Personalized guest gift for unforgettable moments

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Immerse yourself in the sophistication and symbolic depth of our exclusive guest gift for a wedding, birthday or similar. A carefully designed ensemble of a ship's glass, a generous 76 mm by 23 mm, and an elegant cork, which becomes a true work of art thanks to the following elements:

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- **Perfectly shaped ship's jar:** Measuring 76 mm by 23 mm, the ship's jar presents itself as a stylish vessel that not only houses the flower seeds, but also the couple's love.

- **Exclusive cork:** The closure of the ship's jar is equipped with an exclusive cork, which not only preserves the freshness of the flower seeds but also adds a touch of luxury.

- **Wide satin ribbon:** The ship's glass is wrapped in a wide satin ribbon, which not only picks up on the color palette of the occasion, but also envelops the gift with a subtle elegance.

- **Generously shaped pendant:** A beautifully shaped pendant adorns the band and carries the meaningful inscription: "Please scatter these small flower seeds in our name - when they bear blossoms, countless pieces, think back to, for example, our wedding, my birthday.

- **Personalized with name and date:** This makes the guest gift a unique memory. The name engraving and the date give the gift a personal touch that makes it something special.

This gift is more than a gesture - it is a message of love, growth and shared memories. An unforgettable symbol of the beginning of a new chapter in the couple's life or friendship.

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